THE LEADER  DIXON EMERICK, 40, rugged, confident, he recently quit smoking but still mouths an unlit cigarette to keep him calm. Dixon has been on the fringe of society most of his life and crime has been his passion. His strength is finding a good score and putting the pieces together. When he’s not pulling off a job, he spends his time meeting people who may be able to help on the next one, and has collected a database of names and information. He met Caleb who was running his own surveillance and security firm, and they became fast friends working together on jobs for ten years. Dixon met Benny through Caleb. Always looking for good score, Dixon met Chessa the casino cashier and she was the key. They met at a local bar when Dixon was passing through the small town, and they spent the night together. After learning she worked at the casino, he started a text and Skype relationship with her, and saw her a few times a month when he passed through on jobs, just enough to get her to fall in love with him. Like Caleb, Dixon is a loner, and prefers to travel light without any drama, or complications. He’s not into planting roots or staying in one place for a long time.